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Mobile Game Development Services Dubai

As a bunch of web enthusiasts and gaming freaks, the team of mobile app developers at TheSocially loves to add new elements of wholesome entertainment on modern devices. A chief segment of our services is dedicated to Mobile Games Development in Dubai - UAE. If you want to give your customers access to engaging games across a range of operating systems, we will do all the hard work for you. We have the resources to develop online and mobile games for a variety of platforms including Android, BlackBerry OS, iOS, Windows Phone OS, Flash, Chrome Web Store and Intel App Up Store.

Besides developing and publishing original Internet protocol, TheSocially also offers an array of client services spanning initial game concepts, art direction, game design and development. Of course, with our specialization in mobile games development in Dubai - UAE we churn out only engaging and highly polished end products that outshine hundreds of other mobile games in the market. From action and adventure to puzzles and comic, we can develop a mobile game in any popular category to keep a user entertained for hours. Our team also integrates features to play across devices and share scores.

Personalized mobile games development in Dubai - UAE

The new innovation in mobile game development at TheSocially comprises 2D and 3D graphics, single player, two players, multi player games and massively multiplayer online game (MMOG). Our techies have successfully developed engaging mobile games for both iPhone and Android platforms - these are designed for single as well as multi player modes to suit your personal requirements and preferences.

Below is the list of few of our most popular niche in smartphone game development:

  • 3D Games for Samrtphones
  • Single and Multiplayer playes Games
  • Role Playing Games (RPG)
  • Massively Multiplayer Games MMOs
  • Adventure and Story Mode Games
  • First person shooter games for smartphones
  • Sports and racing games
  • Brain and Puzzle Solving Games

Gaming Engines for popular Mobile OS

We also develop gaming engines for games on handheld devices as per client's requirements. If you have game designers in your team, they do not need to write those complex lines of code to get your game organized. The game engine developed at TheSocially can fit into different phones with Android or iPhone platforms. The game engines developed by our team are optimized with stability and rich features. Thanks to our in-depth experience in this vast and intricate field we have already enhanced our game engines to a large extent and tailor them for variety of mobile devices.

Testing for mobile games and apps

Testing a mobile game or app is critical to make sure that there is no game crash or any other inconvenience for the end users. And yes – all mobile handsets supporting J2ME have a indication emulator for the developers to test their applications or games. But at TheSocially we like to stay a step ahead. This is why we do not rely on test results yielded only by the emulators. As a leading company for mobile games development in Dubai, UAE, we choose real device testing for the games that we develop for your handheld devices. TheSocially provides cost efficient testing solutions reinforced by Over the Air (OTA) support. We like to give you a true quality assurance on mobile game testing with:

  • Functionality Testing
  • Environmental Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Over the Air Testing

Looking forward to quick and efficient solutions for mobile games development in Dubai - UAE? Or need any kind of mobile development like resposive web design or mobile version of your website? You are just a call away from us: +971 (0)6 545 8992