How to Choose Domain Name For a Small Business

How to Choose Domain Name For a Small Business

Before talking about this topic, I would like to give an over view on basics of “How to choose a domain name”.  The first and foremost thing is that you should understand the purpose of your website. Is your website an online outlet, an eCommerce website, a company portal or a website of a national or international brand, or just a blog for a friend? Choosing a domain name is as much important as choosing a name for your company. Here are a few important things you should keep in mind while choosing a domain name for all types of websites.

Choose five relevant keywords:

You should describe the purpose of your website in at least five phrases or five keywords. These keywords must represent the main purpose of your domain, whether it is a small business, service, brand, company or blog. The keyword selection is very important from SEO point of view.

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Unique and easy to understand:

Now try to find the unique and easy to understand words that could better represent your domain’s main purpose. Do not use similar or matching domain name of any existing website, it could prevent search engine to get your website higher in search.

Domain Name Your Address

Your Domain Name is Your Address in Cyber World

Descriptive and Short:

Keep in mind that your chosen words must describe the agenda of your website in a manner that if anyone reads your domain name, he should easily understand what he will get after clicking on your website.

Some Technical aspects:

Try to avoid using numbers, hyphens (-) and underscores (_) in your domain name. Rather I will recommend not to use any of them at all. Your domain name must have following features:

  • Descriptive, Easy to read and memorable
  • Keywords oriented (Not essential) but don’t stuff keywords (negative SEO)
  • Make it as short as you possibly can
  • Don’t use hyphens, underscores or numbers
  • Unique (To avoid copyright infringement)
  • Don’t use plurals or singulars of existing domain name (avoid plurals always)
  • Easy to type & avoid p, c, x, z and q (some psychological freaks suggest this, I also believe in it)
  • Try to avoid following “trends”, be creative and innovative with your domain name
  • Try to avoid “The” or “My” etc. Because people usually forget these affix
Domain Name Selection

Domain Name selection do and don’ts

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Why choose a .com domain name?

Why choose a .com domain name? That is the most frequently asked question by clients and friends. I always recommend choosing a .com domain name. The main purpose is that when people search for their domain name with a .com suffix, they usually find it occupied and suggested suffixes by most of the popular services would be .net, .org or country specific TLDs. People usually forget the suffix and always type or search by .com which would prevent your website in search results if you are using any other suffix.

Why choose .com domain name?

Why choose .com domain name?

How to choose domain name for a small business?

Now let’s discuss about “How to choose a domain name for a small business?” First of all, follow all the above instructions and just try to introduce more local terminologies in your domain name for local or small businesses. Sometimes in a region, a small business or service is popular by traditional or unusual terminologies. In that case use these terms in your domain name (keep the exact spelling in mind) with a better representation of the area of your business. Another most important thing is that do not over stuff local terms, it will look spamy. Keep the below in addition with above listed points in your mind while choosing a domain name for a local or small business:

  • You must use country code TLDs (.ae, .pk,,, etc)
  • If you have multilingual site you must use language specific TLDs (.de, .ru, .en, etc)
  • For a city or super regional domain name, use CCTLDs (Country Code TLDs) with regional terms
  • If you want local website in a local language, then prefer an affix and/or suffix for localizations
Local Domain Names

Region based domain names for local businesses

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Hope the above guidelines will help you choosing a domain name for your small business. If you still didn’t get something, feel free to contact us using below comment box or connect with us on Google +, Facebook or Twitter.

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  2. Hi, Rich. First of all tell me what your company is about? Are you targeting a specific region or work worldwide? In case if you are targeting a specific region, use country code specific domain name. If you want to target audience worldwide than use .net instead or you can also use .org, but first give me some details about your company.

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