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How to Create SEO Friendly Web Design

Competition is getting higher and higher, if you want to survive in the cyber world, you will have to create an SEO friendly web design. Now the question is “How to create SEO friendly web design? Well! here is the answer. First you will have to follow the search engine optimization guidelines provided by major search engines (Googele, Bing and Yahoo) and then you need to be a bit creative to implement them in an effective way. Reading these guidelines is a time consuming and annoying task (at least for me in the beginning) but now you don’t need to read them because here i will give you an overview which cover almost 90% of these guidelines.

As for my research and knowledge the search engine optimization or SEO is used to make your web design user friendly and somehow search engine friendly. For me the ratio is 90% for user and 10% for search engine. The SEO is indeed a vast topic, here I will only discuss the user interface, navigation, basic web design elements and some other on-page optimization factors.

SEO Friendly Web Design

User Friendly Web Design is in fact SEO Friendly

I know some of you folks may disagree at the moment with my 90:10 phenomenon of an SEO friendly web design, but I have some arguments to defend my point of view. In fact most of the search engine optimization directly improves the user experience. The SEO requires, on-page optimization, off-page optimizations, social media links, a thousands of tweet and retweets, facebook likes and shares, thousands of plus 1s, quality backlinks from authority websites and blogs and a lot more which is obviously out of the scope of this article. So, lets start with the design first. Continue reading…

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How to Design a Website – Web Design Essentials – theSocially

How to Design a Website Web Design Essentials

How to design a website? It is one of the most answered questions when asked on the internet. When I searched with the same query, I got almost a million of websites answering “How to design a website”. But I have had to crawl a few dozen pages to get a complete picture. All of my required information was there but scattered among many pages. I also noticed that some of the links are from high PR and well reputed sites, but are saying something related to my question but were not providing all the information or a very specific answer I was expecting.

At that moment I decided to write this article to save others from what I faced. I will try to discuss each and every aspect of a web design, which I think we should know about a well versed website design in terms of layout, color scheme, navigation, readability, usability, user experience, performance, load time and other major fundamentals of a web design. Continue reading…

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How to Choose a Web Hosting for Your Website

How to Choose a Web Hosting for Your Website

The most important question while setting up a website is “How to choose a web hosting?” It is very critical to choose appropriate web hosting services for best performance of your website. My previous blog was a complete guide about choosing a domain name for your website and now I will cover all major factors […]

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How to Choose Domain Name For a Small Business

Domain Name

Before talking about this topic, I would like to give an over view on basics of “How to choose a domain name”.  The first and foremost thing is that you should understand the purpose of your website. Is your website an online outlet, an eCommerce website, a company portal or a website of a national […]

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Search Engine Optimization – TheSocially


Over 85% of internet users search across major search engines…get on top, get yourself visible. Search Engine Optimization or SEO refers to systematic procedures that are implemented across a website or a webpage in order to achieve improved search engine visibility. It is a cost-effective marketing strategy that results in quality traffic to your website, […]

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Customized Twitter Profile – TheSocially

Customize Twitter Profile

These users can be clients or business associates or any other professional relationships. If you are looking to create a personalized relationship with your clients, dealers, suppliers etc. then Twitter is your solution for social media marketing. A profile on Twitter allows you to post personalized messages as your profile status which is picked up […]

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Corporate Identity and Logo Designing – TheSocially


Our graphic designers not only design, they give you an identity too. A logo is your ambassador the world over. It should put forward an exact image of your business nature, your seriousness as an organization, and it should leave behind a lasting impression in the viewer’s mind.  Don’t be shellfish…

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Google Adwords – Pay-per-Click Advertising

Google Adwords

A well planned Google Advertising PPC campaign returns far more visibility & sales leads than a regular print Ad. Google Adwords is the most viewed and widely spread pay per click or PPC advertising network on the internet. It follows two pay-per-impression and pay-per-click payment schemes. Google Adwords displays these text based advertisements based on […]

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Facebook Ads – Pay-per-Click Advertising – PPC

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads‘ extensive visibility filters allows you to control who looks at your ads and from where. With a whooping 1.7 million UAE users (and growing) registered with Facebook, who would want to miss out on such a huge platform of Ad visibility. With a wide range of parameters to choose from (Age Groups, Geographic […]

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Content Management System – CMS


A content management system makes you the ultimate master of your website. Update in real-time within clicks. Nowadays the applied definition of Content Management System has totally changed. Don’t be shellfish…

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